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Dolphins quarterback Teng ovaloa: looking forward to the new season Dolphins did a lot in the off-season this year: signed with new coach Mike McDaniel and joined several heavyweight players jerseys online. Quarterback TUA tagovaloa is looking forward to the start of off-season training to run in with new teammates […]

Gronkowski: it has not been decided whether to continue playing Near winger rob gronkowski jerseys online once said that if the quarterback wasn’t Tom Brady, he wouldn’t play. Now his good partner has returned to the pirates, but gronkowski is not sure whether to continue playing. “Now I’m not ready […]

NFL 2022 March Jerseys Briefing

The Eagles will sign a $14 million one-year contract with defensive interceptor Fletcher Cox. Cox, 31, has been selected into the professional bowl list six times and the best team four times in his career. In his career, Cox completed 58 catches and 142 strikes against the quarterback. In addition, […]

Tom Brady said he would continue to play next season On Sunday, us time, quarterback Tom Brady jersey announced through Twitter that he would return to the NFL and continue to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season. Brady wrote: “over the past two months, I have realized that […]

On Monday, us time, the NFL officially informed all clubs that the salary cap for the 2022 season was set at $208.2 million. In addition, the League also announced the salary of the 202 season team privilege label contract. The privilege tag will allow the team to negotiate a long […]

Washington Commanders trades for Colts quarterback Wentz On Wednesday, us time, according to ESPN reporters, Colts quarterback Carson Wentz jerseys will be traded to the Commanders in Washington. Colts will be signed by the Commanders in 2022 and 2023. If Wentz participates in more than 70% of the attacks in […]

Quarterback Kyler Murray submitted a contract renewal plan to the Cardinals On Monday morning, us time, Kyler Murray’s jerseys off-season “love hate relationship” with the Cardinals ushered in a new turning point. Murray’s agent Erik Burkhardt said in a statement that Murray had submitted a detailed contract renewal plan to […]