Washington Commanders trades for Colts quarterback Wentz

On Wednesday, us time, according to ESPN reporters, Colts quarterback Carson Wentz jerseys will be traded to the Commanders in Washington.

Colts will be signed by the Commanders in 2022 and 2023. If Wentz participates in more than 70% of the attacks in Washington, the three rounds of signing in 2023 can become the second round of signing. The two teams also exchanged the second round of signing in 2022, and the Colts rose from No. 47 to No. 42

Washington will pay Wentz $28 million in salary for the 2022 season, including a $5 million roster bonus.

In the past three years, Washington Commanders jerseys cheap has started with eight different quarterbacks. Taylor Heinicke started 15 games last season, with a record of 7-8. He passed 3419 yards, reached the array 20 times and was intercepted 15 times.

Colts used to trade with the Eagles in the first round and third round, hoping that the 2016 top show can play the role of cornerstone quarterback. Last season, Wentz passed 27 times and was intercepted only 7 times. But he didn’t perform well in his last two games, which was a critical period for the Colts to compete for a playoff seat.