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Super Bowl 56 received over 100 million views

The 56th Super Bowl ended with the rams defeating the Bengals, and also reaped about 101.1 million TV viewers. According to Nielsen’s statistics, the number of people watching the Super Bowl this year increased by 6% year-on-year (95.2 million). In addition, the number of people watching the regional playoffs increased […]

Tom Brady’s comeback? Buccaneers´╝č

Buccaneers coach Arians doesn’t think Brady will come back Three weeks have passed since Tom Brady announced his retirement, but some people still believe that the legendary quarterback will return before 2022. But Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians doesn’t think so. “(if he comes back) I’ll be surprised. He also informed […]

2022 NFL team news?

Denver Broncos team will be sold to the public Broncos officially began public sale on Tuesday, us time, and the final price may hit a new high in North American sports history. At present, the valuation of the Broncos team is close to $4 billion. The previous record was maintained […]

On Saturday us time, the Buccaneers activated starting running guard Leonard fournette jerseys to the big list so that he can play in the playoffs against rams on Sunday. In order to make room for the big list, the Buccaneers gave up running guard le’veon bell. Fornette pushed a total […]

Ton jerseys review ?

Veteran running guard Peterson: hope to continue playing. After talking with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, Adrian Peterson began to think about becoming a coach after retirement. But for now, the 36 year old running guard still wants to continue running on the court. Peterson joined the Seattle Seahawks jerseys training […]

On Tuesday, us time, according to several media reports, the Washington football team will announce its new name before the super bowl. At this time, it has been 19 months since the team changed its old name. The specific date of announcing the new name is February 2, 11 days […]

Cincinnati Bengals breaks the team’s jerseys Record

Bengals quarterback Burrow broke the team’s record of passing and advancing in a single game. In this week’s game against ravens, Bengals quarterback Joe burrow jerseys completed a peak performance. Burro pushed 525 yards in the game, breaking the previous team history record (490) maintained by Boomer esiason, and led […]