The Eagles will sign a $14 million one-year contract with defensive interceptor Fletcher Cox. Cox, 31, has been selected into the professional bowl list six times and the best team four times in his career. In his career, Cox completed 58 catches and 142 strikes against the quarterback. In addition, the Eagles also signed a one-year contract with running guard Boston Scott.

Panthers will sign a three-year contract with HORNBACK Donte Jackson. Jackson is the second round show of panther in 2018. He has been plagued by injuries since his career.china jerseys He has completed 12 steals in his career, including 4 in the rookie season.

RAMs will trade the outsider Robert woods to Titan in exchange for the other party’s six rounds of signing in 2023.

The packers jerseys online and Jiao Wei Rasul Douglas re signed a three-year contract of US $21 million. After adding the incentive bonus terms, the total salary can reach US $25.5 million.

The Falcon signed a two-year, $10.5 million contract with the all-around offensive player cordarrelle Patterson. Patterson contributed 618 yards to the Falcon last season, reached the array six times, and advanced 548 yards to reach the array five times.

Bill will win Brown’s substitute quarterback case keenum with seven rounds of signing in 2022, and plans to re sign Matt Barkley. The two will serve as substitutes for cheap Josh Allen jerseys.