Quarterback Kyler Murray submitted a contract renewal plan to the Cardinals

On Monday morning, us time, Kyler Murray’s jerseys off-season “love hate relationship” with the Cardinals ushered in a new turning point.

Murray’s agent Erik Burkhardt said in a statement that Murray had submitted a detailed contract renewal plan to the Cardinals. Burkhart also said in a statement that if the team wants to compete for the championship all the time, it must maintain long-term stability, which is what Murray can bring to the team.

Burkhart said Murray was willing to stay with Arizona Cardinals jerseys online sale for a long time and was “eager to win the super bowl”.

Murray’s dissatisfaction with the Cardinals after losing to the ram in the wild card match. He said in an interview that he believed last season could be regarded as a “huge failure”. The Cardinals started 7-0, but the final record was only 11-6. Asked what went wrong, Murray replied, “I hope to answer you, too.”.

According to ESPN’s report this month, Murray is very disappointed with the cardinals and believes that he has been used as a scapegoat for poor performance by the team.