AAF suspended operations and cancelled midway through the opening season

Although the opening season is just eight weeks away, the Alliance of American Football (AAF) may have said goodbye to people.

On Tuesday, AAF told its staff by e-mail that it had decided to suspend the operation of the alliance immediately. The email mentions that a small number of staff will be left to find more investment and restructure the business structure. If this attempt succeeds, existing staff may continue to work next season.

According to the reporter who first reported the news, cheap football jerseys the AAF owner (Tom Dundon) may have suffered a loss of $70 million, so he made the decision to suspend operations, although it was “contrary to the views of the co-founders (Charlie Ebersol) and (Bill Polian).

Since the AAF’s opening season began on 2.8, the league’s economic problems have persisted. Dunton became the boss after investing $250 million.

Dunton said last week that he hoped the NFL players’Union would help the emerging League by “allowing NFL players, especially those in the training team, to participate in AAF”. But the NFLPA rejected the proposal because it could violate the labor agreement and expose players to additional injury risks.

AAF is scheduled to play 10 weeks of regular season jerseys sale online and 2 weeks of playoffs this season.