Chiefs General Manager: the team is not in reconstruction mode

The Chiefs traded tyreek Hill this off-season and chose not to renew his contract with tyrann Mathieu. The vacancy on the list is very obvious. However, general manager Brett Veach said that this does not mean that the team is in the reconstruction mode.

“As long as there is Patrick mahomes jersey, we will compete for the championship every year.” “Even if it means you may make some necessary changes and trade good players jerseys china… You must be smart and flexible in specific actions. The two necessary materials are draft resources and salary space,” VICH said

“Trading a good player does not mean that we are in the reconstruction mode. It only means that we have obtained new jerseys resources and will continue to be aggressive.”

In addition to hill and Matthew, the starting corner guard charvarius ward also did not stay in the team. The chieftain’s external lineup, second-line and outer cross (ranking the fourth from the bottom in the League last season) need to be strengthened. At present, the Chiefs holds 12 draft picks, with two in each of the first four rounds.