On Thursday, us time, cowboys officials announced that don Perkins, a member of the team Hall of fame and running guard, died at the age of 84.

Perkins played for cowboys from 1961 to 1968. During that period, he was selected into the professional bowl for six times. In 1962, he shot 945 yards and was selected into the best team list of that year.

While playing at the University of New Mexico, Perkins has made a name for himself. He was selected into the division’s best team list for two years. During his college career, he advanced 3466 yards. In 1959, the average advance of the kick-off and return attack was 34.7 yards, which was the first in China that year. The University of New Mexico has also retired Perkins’ jersey number 43.

Perkins was inducted into the cowboys hall of fame in 1976. In his career, he shot 1500 times, pushed 6217 yards and reached the array 42 times. He also completed 146 catches, pushed 1310 yards and reached the array 3 times. At present, he ranks fourth in the history of cowboys jerseys in the number of yards to push the ball, behind Emmit Smith, Tony Dorsett and Ezekiel Elliott.