Tom Brady broke his career record in passing

On Sunday, us time, Tom Brady jerseys surpassed drew Brees in the game against bill and became the holder of the NFL pass completion record.

Before the end of the first half of the game, Brady and outfielder Mike Evans completed a 20 yard pass line and broke the record while advancing to the first three yards of the end zone. After running guard Leonard fournette completed a yard dash, the record was broadcast in the stadium, and the pirate players applauded and congratulated.

Before the game, Brady was only 18 times short of brise’s record (7142). Before the nfl game jerseys against his former club patriots, Brady broke the record of passing yards (80358), and the number of passing touchdowns was already owned by him.

Brady also tied his personal best season record (21) by connecting with Evans to complete a 13 yard touchdown.