Veteran running guard Peterson: hope to continue playing.

After talking with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, Adrian Peterson began to think about becoming a coach after retirement. But for now, the 36 year old running guard still wants to continue running on the court.

Peterson joined the Seattle Seahawks jerseys training team last December. ton jerseys review He said it was helpful to observe Peterson and learn from his experience.

Peterson ranked fifth in FNL league history in playing for the Seahawks.

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steelers outsider Smith Schuster is expected to return

On Thursday, us time, steelers officially announced that outsider Juju Smith Schuster would return from the injury reserve list and also participated in Thursday’s training.

Before his injury this season, Smith Schuster participated in five games, completed 15 catches and ton review pushed 129 yards. steelers coach Mike Tomlin said that returning to the stadium was “a beginning”.

If the steelers wants Smith Schuster to play in Sunday’s wild card game, he must be activated to the squad before Saturday afternoon. You can continue to buy your favorite jerseys on ton, and we will strive to provide you with the latest jerseys.