Tencent Sports News – Beijing September 28th, NFL legend Payton Manning’s Tencent sports, and Wang Meng, Wu Pengchang chat NFL and American football. During the interview, Manning has great confidence in the development of American football in China.

The Manning guest Tencent sports theme “Ning”, Wang Meng first explained to Manning, “Ning” homophonic “hello”, and “good Manning” means, Manning nodded in the affirmative.

Like Jordan, Kobe and James, Manning is a rugby and NFL spokesperson, especially for Chinese fans, many fans on NFL and China first love football is all because of Manning,

the name Manning is not strange. If you want to choose a Chinese as ambassador from NFL players, no one should be more suitable Bimanning.

Wang Meng: Wu Peng, can you use a word to describe what kind of player Manning Payton is?

Manning: Wu Peng is a great player for me. I first knew that NFL was in 2004, when I went to Indiana to watch the pony race, when the whole city people came to see the game, so I realized that a NFL game is a grand event.

Wang Meng: Chinese people are more concerned about the pedestrian team, before you describe yourself, Cheap NFL Jerseys would like to share my football experience. It is because of you that I became a football fan, about 14 years ago, so I feel very honored today.

Wang Meng: you and Wu Peng are retired athletes, how do you treat your career will be the peak of the peak and trough?

Wu Peng: after retiring, I have been teaching the children to swim, I enjoy it very much, very enjoy the feeling of swimming pool, you will also miss the feeling on the golf course?

Manning: This is the first time I did not play in the fall, in the past 22 years, this time I have played the game. I am very grateful to learn about the experience of football, there may be good or bad, but I really miss the presence of competitive scene.

Wang Meng: you will take some time to think about the next step how to go?

Manning: I want to become a football ambassador in Louisiana will have a summer camp will ask the players to teach children, I have to constantly return to rugby, and what I have learned to the children to share, football will always exist in my life.