Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray wants to play on Sunday

Cardinal quarterback Kyler Murray 1# jerseys sprained his left ankle before, but he hopes to recover enough to play on Sunday.

Murray said on Wednesday: “I think the injury is recovering on a daily basis. We have a good plan. I feel much better than when I talked to you last time.”

Murray did not participate in Wednesday’s training, but due to too many injuries, the cardinal’s project today is closer to the drill. Last week’s 31-17 win over 49 people was also Murray’s first regular season absence in his career.

“I don’t know what I’m doing before the game,” Murray said. “It’s different. I’m proud of not missing the game. I can count the games I miss in my whole career or even my whole life, so it’s really different.”

The Cardinals have one of the most scoring offensive groups in the league this season, and Murray’s passing completion rate (72.7%) also leads the league. wholesale jerseys Relying on Murray’s accurate passing and running ability, supplemented by a rich lineup of outfielders, the Cardinals scored an average of 30.8, ranking second in the league.

Bear line guard marsh was dissatisfied with the referee’s decision

In the just past Monday night match, the line guard Cassius marsh of the bears was punished and ridiculed by referee Tony Corrente in the fourth quarter. He was very dissatisfied with this.

Marsh said after the game: “on my way to the sideline, the referee hit me when he stepped back. The video playback is very clear. If I take the initiative to do so, or even touch the referee, I will be expelled, suspended and fined. I just think this penalty is very unreasonable.”

Marsh captured and killed Steelman quarterback Ben Roethlisberger at 8 yards in third gear, cheap nfl jerseys from china and then made his own logo celebration. Marsh took a few steps towards the Steelman bench and then made physical contact with Karen on the way back to the bears sideline. Clent immediately threw a yellow flag, blew a mocking foul and sent the bears 15 yards off. The Hong Kong people got a new attack opportunity and finally hit a free kick.

Clent said that physical contact has nothing to do with his reasons for blowing: “first of all, please note that ridicule is a key point of blowing this year. I saw this player running to the Steelman bench after completing the key capture and killing, and his posture made me feel that he was mocking each other. Physical contact has nothing to do with this.”