Week 7: Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles jerseys online

This season’s night game finally ushered in the popular civil war in the east area of the League of nations. Dallas Cowboys sat at home to face the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s hard to say that the two teams are excellent. The cowboys have suffered two consecutive defeats, while the eagles have exposed the huge loopholes of the defense team. However, before the match, the two teams had already shouted in the air, adding a lot of gunpowder to the match.

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8:20 am (Beijing time) on October 21, 2019


Can the cowboy attack team that the wounded return rebound?

In the past two games, many injured people have influenced the performance of cowboy attack nfl team, Dallas Cowboys jerseys china including two starting attack interceptors (tyron Smith) and (la’el Collins), two Amari Cooper and (Randall Cobb). Although the four are still listed as uncertain whether to play in the next game, at least they have a real possibility to play. It can be predicted that if all four can return, it will be a great advantage for cowboy attack.

Can hawk defense team resist cowboy attack?

The good news for the Cowboys is bad news for the Hawks, who have been underperforming recently. This season, the Hawks have averaged 280.2 yards in passing, the most since 2013. When the eagles focus on running defense, their second-line defense is easily blown up by the opponent’s passing and attacking. Although the starting point point guards (Ronald Darby) and (Jalen mills) are expected to play together in this game, the challenges they face are not easy. To make matters worse, the absence of Nigel Bradham may affect the Hawks’ road defense.

Prescott vs. Wentz: who will play better?

A big focus of the game will inevitably fall on the confrontation between the two 2016 young quarterbacks. Philadelphia Eagles nfl jerseys wholesale Similar to the fate of the team, the two players are also in poor condition. The cowboy quarterback, who started the season well, has recently been joked that the value of his new contract is getting smaller and smaller. On the eagles’ side, some hawks players have attacked the media anonymously, saying that he chose too many long passes. However, a more unfavorable point for Wentz is that the outsider, desain Jackson, will be absent. The performance of the two players may decide which team will finally win and temporarily top the east area of the League of nations.