The NFL announced that Madden died “unexpectedly” on Tuesday morning

NFL legend Madden died and the football game was named after him

Madden is one of the most influential figures in NFL history. His extremely successful coaching career in the Raiders provided a strong guarantee for his inclusion in the hall of fame in 2006. Madden also has a 30-year football commentary career, including 11 commentary super bowl games. The famous football video game Madden is named after him. It is said that Madden died by accident, but the cause of death was not announced in detail.

As a head coach, Madden made him famous in his 10 seasons coaching the Raiders, including eight playoffs and winning the Super Bowl in 1976. During his coaching, the Raiders never had a failed season. His regular season record in his coaching career was 103 wins, 32 losses and 7 draws, with a 75.9% winning rate, which is the highest among NFL coaches who have coached more than 100 nfl games jerseys. He once said, “I’m not in the hall of fame because of anything else, just because of my football record.”

“For the development and popularization of professional football,John Madden jerseys sales few people can be as significant as coach Madden. His influence inside and outside the stadium is immeasurable.” Raider boss Mark Davis said in a statement that he lit the Al Davis torch in memory of Madden, who was the first person to light the torch on October 16, 2011. “Tonight, I lit the torch to pay tribute to John Madden and Al Davis, who lit the way for the Raiders to win.”

This man is dead, and the passage of time is like this. Pay tribute to the legend.

After his retirement, he continued to participate in the game and became one of the most iconic color commentators in professional football. From 1979 to 2008, he was an analyst at CBS, fox, ABC and NBC.

He is also the name behind the popular “Madden” video game. Madden was selected into the Professional Football Hall of fame on August 5, 2006.