Russell Wilson: want to go to a team that can win

In the eyes of quarterback Russell Wilson jerseys, the Denver Broncos, the Super Bowl champion seven years ago, is expected to be crowned again this season, which is why he joined Denver.

Wilson had previously entered the Super Bowl twice with the Seahawks and won the championship once. After that, the overall performance of the Seahawks gradually declined, but Wilson’s personal ability was still enough to lead the team to fight in the playoffs, pointing to the Lombardy cup.

“I am very lucky to be here, to come to such an excellent city as Denver, and to be with so many excellent teammates and coaches.” Wilson said, “at that time, I said I wanted to go to a city that wanted to win. I wanted to make sure that the team I went to wanted to win and that the city knew how to win. Denver met all three requirements. I think we have a chance.”

The Broncos have won the super bowl three times in history. The most recent time is that the hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning led the team jerseys online to win the 50th Super Bowl. Since Manning retired, Mustang has tried different options, but has been unable to find a quarterback who can become the cornerstone of the team. Wilson helped the team solve the problem.