The Raiders announced the departure of team president ventrell.

On Friday us time, Raider boss Mark Davis announced that former team chairman Dan ventrelle jerseys had left the team.

“Dan ventrell is no longer a member of the Raiders club.” “We don’t have any more comments right now,” Davis said

Ventrell was appointed the new team president after his predecessor Marc Badain resigned. Previously, he served as executive vice chairman and legal adviser and worked for Las Vegas Raiders jerseys for 18 years.

Ventrell later said in an interview that the reason for his sudden departure was related to Davis.

“I take my responsibilities seriously, so when several employees complained to me about the deterioration of the working environment and other problematic behaviors caused by my boss Mark, I was very concerned about these problems. When I confronted mark, he ignored and didn’t pay attention to them. Therefore, I informed the NFL of these problems and Mark’s attitude.”