Lightning for 3 years leaves star star, and has grown to be NFL top player

Since entering the offseason, the most interesting market deals with cornerback, Marcus Peters, Archie Budd Taleb and Richard Sherman star cornerback teams become xiangbobo berserk. March 12th Beijing time, the Losangeles lightning team to leave the team’s No. 1 corner guard, Casey – Hayward sent a fat contract.

Losangeles lightning team announced on Sunday that Casey Hayward has promised to sign a new contract with NFL’s official website reported, Hayward will get a value of 3 year $36 million contract, including a $20 million deposit, the deal will guarantee Haywood for the 2021 season to play lightning.

Hayward spent the first four years of his career in Green Bay Packers. He signed a contract of 3 years and 15 million 300 thousand dollars with the team of lightning as a free agent and entered the contract year. The team chose to renew their pay. It is worth mentioning that after coming to the lightning team, Hayward has been selected for the professional bowl for two years and has been in the United States second in the The Associated Press for two years.

At the end of the 2017 season, Hayward fought all 16 games. Over the past two seasons, 83 tackles and 11 intercepting have been completed, which has accumulated more than 9 times in 51 games of 4 years in the packers. Besides, there are 43 times to pass the ball, 43 times to make the ball and two times to pick up the ball. PFF data showed that in the 2017 season, the opponent’s passing rate to him was as low as 42.7%, and the alliance was the lowest.

Hayward expressed thanks to the deal, and feel very happy jerseys cheap on Sunday pushed the road: “I want to thank the lightning team and the J Panos family (the boss) team I trust, is that they let me have the opportunity to play for the lightning team, help me grow rapidly, now, let us look forward to the next three years to win the super bowl ring!”

Over the past two years, Hayward quickly grew into one of the league’s best cornerback, general manager Tom believes that the signing of Hayward Tresco, this move was going through the brain. Last season with 9 wins and 7 negative lightning team missing the playoffs defensive, is the key to ensure the team achieved good results, averaging 17 points and lost points nfl jerseys from china (third in the league, averaging low) lost 197.2 yards passing yards (third in the league, this low) are closely related to the play of Hayward, he relied on his own efforts to win a big contract.