Lightning team since moved to Losangeles, the record is weak, but not in some data on the range: in the first half of the season, they were scored 50 points but won only 21 points in the first quarter, but in the fourth quarter, they scored 64 points and only scored 35 points. Such a slow tempo makes almost every game in midfield after lightning are in a catch-up position. Lightning runner Melvin Gordon and quarterback Philip – Rivers all said that lightning needed to maintain tension at the beginning of the game, leading the game in a faster pace.

Gordon said: “every time when we are ready to appear to destroy the opponent, the game is over, we lost, this feeling is very frustrating. We have the most talented players, the most explosive players, and we just don’t have enough time to play. If we can play at the start, I think we can quickly pull the score away, not every time we drag the game to the last few seconds, especially when our defense team is doing so well.”

Although the current record is miserable 3 wins and 5 losses, but in depth observation of the score and the four section of the data, lightning actually every game there is a chance to win. Coach Anthony Lynn decided, in the off-season week to all players leave, without any formal training, let the players left the field to relax, but also to some small injuries recovered gradually, in the hope that they can face to the second half of the season with a new look. Lynn said in an interview that the players are more eager to win in the second half of the season, and that the lightning must go all out to get a better record.

Although slow does affect the outcome of the game, but also see the lightning jerseys from china the whole data: really too horrible to look at the road offense averaged 88.9 yards, ranked twenty-fifth in the league; shooting percentage of 54.5%, ranked first; holding time of 27 minutes and 18 seconds, ranked first, third of the conversion rate of 36.1%, ranking twenty-fourth. The lightning coaching team must try to reverse the situation in the offseason.

Lynn said that the four game losing streak at the beginning of the season, he thought they could win every game, but are due to a small mistake ruined the game, he said that he felt as if in the offseason Qianda week to 3 wins and 5 negative results, they still have the opportunity to make the playoffs now they achieved this goal, will be more efforts in the second half of the season.

The author believes that although the data from the fourth quarter and the final score for lightning does have won every game, but continued to lose is not only because of a slow problem. The problem that lightning didn’t win at the end of the season wasn’t a new problem this season, but in the 2016 season, they lost a lot of close matches. This is not a “complicated” performance, perhaps is not only a tactical problem, and more is the imbalance of the mentality of the players, in the face of the end of the season when the chase points whether it is eager to show or lose your cool, in such fierce competition in NFL will lead to a fatal error. At the end of the week with the Patriots, Rivers, a steady quarterback, has been wearing a helmet, which is certainly a sign of impatience. I hope that lightning will adjust the mentality in the offseason, and play their due strength in the second half of the season.