The enthusiasm of fans is still of no help. The Vikings are the biggest cold in history.

The Minnesota Vikings returned to their familiar home on Sunday after a regrettable draw with the packers last week, September 24, Beijing time. Facing Buffalo Bill, the league’s bottom two-week-old winner, fans were eager to prepare for the victory, only to find themselves facing the biggest cold shoulder in history.

Fans are enthusiastic about the warmer temperatures.

Days of cooling have made Minneapolis feel a bit bleak in the autumn. People wear warm clothes and pants early on, reducing their usual outdoor activities. However, early in the morning, the big sun swept away the haze of the previous few days, which undoubtedly made the enthusiasm of the fans and the temperature rise a lot. Reporters came to the Minnesota Vikings’home stadium early in the morning, the United States Bank Stadium, around which a large number of fans had already gathered.

Last Sunday, the Vikings went away for a hard time and only took a draw from the packers. Reporters interviewed a number of fans, referring to last Sunday’s game, they all expressed regret for the last game. Indeed, the footballer’s mistake slipped away the victories that were supposed to be in his pocket, and their tone revealed some disappointment. But they also said they are still confident of the team and today’s game. Asked how to evaluate the Vikings’new quarterback Kirk Cossins, fans said that although Keith Kinam did well last season and played well with his successor Adam Schillen, he preferred Cossins, whose passing looked smarter in the first two weeks of data and performance. More fluid. For the new season’s outlook, more than one fan said that the new season their goal is still the Super Bowl, last year in the final round of regret to stop, I hope that this year’s addition of Coxins can let the regret no longer. At the same time, they also believe that Coxins has the ability to bring the team into the Super Bowl stage, the fans of Coxins expectations can be seen.


Fans are not enthusiastic enough to block the downturn.

The match opened in the deafening Viking battle. Almost all the fans stood up, followed by drums and shouted SKOL’s cheering slogan, the scene was extremely shocking. Even Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen said in an interview after the game, “The thunderous SKOL sound was awesome, very loud, from the start to the end of the game, there is no doubt that there is a group of great fans here,” affirming the great enthusiasm of the home fans. However, the enthusiasm of the fans can not reverse the opening up of the home team.

Cousins, a quarterback who was highly regarded by fans, did not perform well in the match. Despite 40 successful passes to set the team’s best record since 1981, two misguided attempts led to the capture and killing of the Vikings, giving Bill 10 points for free in the first two rounds of attack. Every time a mistake resulted in the loss of the ball in a yard close to the field, the audience burst out complaining. Press colleagues in the media gallery were also talking about Cossins’mistakes and the Minnesota Vikings’ poor performance today. At the end of the game, there were boos in the auditorium, and many fans left early to express their dissatisfaction and disappointment. I believe that after last week’s draw, the Vikings fans will feel even more disappointed after the home team suffered an awkward chill this week.


The Vikings lost a lot of cold at home and koxin’s performance was also questioned. But even top professional players rarely maintain high standards and status. Fortunately, this is the third week of the regular season, and it’s a good thing for Cosins to expose the problem as soon as possible, to find the root cause of his mistakes and learn from it. I hope Cousins’s performance in the next match can be full of football fans’ expectations of him. On Thursday, Cossins will move to Los Angeles to challenge the Rams away from home. Let’s wait and see how Cossins is doing.