Dak Prescott: Get ready to be the next legend

For the vast majority of NFL players, $30 million is a coveted big contract. Maybe most players can’t accumulate so much wealth throughout their career, but Dallas cowboy quarterback Dak Prescott recently rejected such a big contract, which pays $30 million a year, because he wants to start with the same number as his jersey. Ten million contracts! It takes a lot of courage to reject a $30 million contract, but for Plascott, he’s not satisfied with it!

Prescott was not picked by the Dallas Cowboys until the 135th place in the fourth round of the NFL draft in 2016. The players in the same draft were also gifted players like Jared Gough, Carson Wintz and Izekil Elliott, who were in the spotlight, while Prescott was just a four-round show and did not receive any attention.

He and his teammates, team runner Eliot, have been relentlessly refreshing the team’s rookie records.

From the comparison with Gough and Wintz, it is not difficult to find that Prescott’s ability to shoot can bring a lot of help to the cowboy’s offense. According to the data, since the beginning of the 2016 season, Prescott’s 18 touchups ranked 14th among all players. His ability to run and score enabled Dallas to take advantage of the offense.

Last season, the Cowboys paid a lot of money to bring in Amari Cooper, the outsider, and equipped Prescott with top offensive weapons. In nine games with Cooper, Prescott’s pass score jumped from 87.4 to 103, and his attempt to adjust the number of yards climbed from 6.79 to 8.03. If the game is extended throughout the 2018 season, both numbers will be in the top 10.

Although there are still some problems, these problems will become the stepping stone for Prescott’s success as his career progresses. Whether or not he’s the leader who led the Dallas Cowboys back to the top, at least for now, we can be sure that with Prescott’s technological and psychological maturity, Dak Prescott jersey cheap will share the road to the revival of the American team with Eliot and Cooper.

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