Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival created by the American people. It is also a holiday for Americans to gather together. There was no fixed date for Thanksgiving at first, and was decided by the states of the United States. In 1863, after the independence of the United States, President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. In 1941, the United States Congress officially designated the fourth Thursday of November as “Thanksgiving Day”. Thanksgiving holiday usually lasts from Thursday to Sunday.

List of Thanksgiving games

Thanksgiving Carnival

In order to welcome the arrival of this carnival, “Every Day NFL jerseys sales” will carry out the Thanksgiving Carnival from now on. The specific contents are as follows:

Activity time: from November 30, 2018 to November 30, 2018

Contents of activities:

1. Double entry ticket rewards.

From now on, every day, every day, NFL will receive a doubling of the tickets awarded until November 30th.

2, Thanksgiving mall discount new product feedback

On Thanksgiving Day, “NFL every day” mall will update a new wave of New Jersey and ball cap for everyone to choose from. Don’t forget the discount jerseys!

3, Thanksgiving prizes room, hello.

On Thanksgiving Day, we will open a prize room. Don’t forget to join the fans of Everyday NFL!

In addition, from now on, every day to share the game room, lineup, reward or share private room can receive tickets for players to participate in the game.

Enter the room and click the share button.

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