Los Angeles Chargers boss denies the team will move to London

Angry Los Angeles boss Dean spanos has strongly denied that his team intends to move to London.

“It’s all bullshit,” spanos said. “We will not go to London. We will not go anywhere. We play in Los Angeles. This is our home. This is where we plan to stay for a long time. That’s it. ”

Spanos responded to a report on Monday. The report said lightning and NFL may consider moving lightning to London, partly because of concerns about the Los Angeles market.

The alliance also issued a statement calling the report “groundless.”. The statement said the alliance and lightning did not consider or discuss the move.

If Los Angeles Chargers can move the team to London, the team’s jersey sales will be affected. There is no way to predict the attitude of Los Angeles Jerseys market to this matter.

Since lightning moved to Los Angeles three years ago, the team has struggled to attract enough fans. Rival fans often turn against visitors at lightning’s temporary home. However, lightning believes that once they move into the new stadium next year, they will be more successful in winning fans.

Asked if he had discussed the move with the players, the team’s manager (Anthony Lynn) said the focus was only on the next game against the Oakland Raiders. The team’s quarterback, who commuted from San Diego to Los Angeles Chargers jerseys and trained at the team’s base, declined to respond.