Peyton Manning ranked first in sales revenue of related commodities of players’ Union

Peyton Manning new nfl jersey still makes money from the NFL, despite years of retirement.

Manning ranked first in NFL players’ union related merchandise sales and royalties in the previous fiscal year.

Manning earned more than $3.3 million, according to the players’ Union annual report, most of which came from games, clothing around Nike and fanatics, and the Panini star card. This income does not include Manning’s personal endorsement income.

Tom Brady came in second with $2.998 million. The remaining top five players were (Patrick mahomes) ($2.78 million), (dak Prescott) ($2.56 million) and (saquon Barkley) ($2.34 million).

So why does a retired player have more sales and royalties than an active player? Because for Manning’s shirt, cheap jerseys online the demand for his head portrait in the game and the portrait on the star card is greater than that of most active players.

Manning’s ranking at the top of the list may surprise many people. In any case, it shows that Manning is still a gold lettered signboard nearly five years after retirement.