In September 25th, the first time in China, the first appearance, NFL legendary football star Payton Manning in Shanghai will meet the fans felt more than American fans give his enthusiasm and courtesy. As NFL ambassador, Manning in an hour and China fans speak freely, talk about his understanding and love of football, but also put forward valuable suggestions as to understand and participate in American football fans.

From 1998 the first round of the first overall by the Indianapolis Colts selected in 2016 to help the Denver Broncos win the super bowl after retirement, Payton Manning’s record by various record occupied, including forty-first and 50 session of the two Super Bowl champion, the five largest in history to win the NBA most valuable player, and 71940 code NFL career passing yards record. Outstanding performance makes him worthy of the era of the greatest quarterback “title. In the afternoon, nearly 700 lucky fans gathered in Shanghai Metro City theater, to see the legendary NFL style. Fan forum event scheduled to start at four points, but less than three, the field has become the Manning fans of the ocean. One fan from Guangzhou came to Shanghai, wearing a football jersey off the same lack of children, a future quarterback, wide receiver are highly anticipated, hoping to see Manning.

The event, in a period of occupation career documentary, Manning accompanied by the audience shouting MVP sound came out from behind the screen slowly, the atmosphere is burning. Manning said, very happy to come to the beautiful China, here not only has a long history and culture, there are so many lovely NFL fans!

A Chinese after Shanghai fans asked the Manning plan to retire, Manning said he has been retired since they spend time thinking to start a new chapter of your life, will also use this time to retire do some before did not have the opportunity to do things such as fans to watch the Broncos game, or in on the sidelines to see his brother’s game. A small fan asked Manning whether love do quarterback. Manning said humorously: “I just love this place, I just love the quarterback. But we have only one goal – to reach the goal, to win the game!” Then Manning and fans to talk about how to promote the issue of rugby in china. Manning believes that we must start from the grassroots, through a variety of platforms concerned about the NFL game, pay attention to American football, he said: you just concerned or involved in this sport, you will find it attractive. ”

The enthusiasm of the fans on the one hand reflects the legendary star Manning Payton’s charisma and popularity, on the other hand, it also reflects the rapid development of American football in the country. According to CCTV Sofres survey on the national 19 a second city 15-54 years old person, interested in football were increased from 1 million 600 thousand in 2010 to 19 million in 2015, an increase of more than 11 times. And this is a long time to pay more attention to the growing number of loyal fans NFL game, according to the survey, as of 2015, an average of 3 million 100 thousand people a week through a number of new media platforms and TV platform to watch the game broadcast. And in the morning of February 9, 2016 Beijing time 7:30 minutes of the fiftieth super bowl to watch the number reached 15 million.

This year university student Liu Linbo is a member of the huge China fans growing in, as lucky fans, he attended the fans meeting on the same day, in an interview he said: “I started to pay attention to third NFL, usually love sports and exciting things. Compared to the usual contact with a lot of football table tennis basketball sport, Chinese football is more able to let me have a new interest.” Liu Linbo is not only NFL fans, more participants, he founded the school Changsha football team in the University, and on behalf of the school in Changsha League, his life began to get out of the ordinary for football, Liu Linbo is also the NFL China this year to promote the slogan “olive” portrayal. Liu Linbo said, “football high technology content, technical and tactical rich, must rely on the team, there are yards ahead of the rules, these potentially exercise my leadership, teamwork, and never give up the belief,

See American football in the development of Chinese vigorously, as NFL Promotion Ambassador Manning was very happy, but also feel that he and NFL in the promotion of football in Chinese development more responsibility, he said: “in the future, we will strive to promote Chinese football growing up, to encourage young people to participate in China, closer to the fans with the moving distance that makes them more passionate and actively involved, the purchase of NFL Jerseys China. We will fully support and promote the development of China’s NFL sports and NFL jersey!