Tencent Represents Asia in Super Bowl Conference

It’s only four days before the 53rd Super Bowl of the NFL season closes. At noon on January 30, local time, Roger Goodall, president of the NFL Alliance, held the most important regular conference of the year at the Atlanta International Conference Center: the Super Bowl Press Conference. At the meeting, Goodall focused on answering the questions of the world’s major media journalists, including Tencent Sports, and mentioned the future development plan of NFL in China.

Tencent Sports Journalist Becomes the Only Asking Media in Asia

The annual Presidential Conference before the Super Bowl is generally regarded as the most important news release activity of the NFL. Mr. Goodall, the president of the NFL, will give a brief summary and summary of the past season at the conference. At the same time, it will provide a valuable opportunity for various media to ask questions publicly.

The Atlanta International Conference Center, where several major international conferences have been held, is crowded with reporters who are carrying long guns and cannons, all of whom are fully prepared to ask questions to the president of the NFL Alliance, Goodall, before being broadcast live globally. In the center of the stage, there are silver Super Bowl trophies on the table, patriots competing for this year’s super bowl and the helmet of the Rams, which attracted a lot of media to surround and take pictures.

At 1 noon local time, the conference officially began. After a brief presentation by the president of the alliance, Goodall, followed by a question-and-answer session for reporters. Tencent Sports Front Reporter, like USA Today, NBC and ESPN, which have the largest circulation in the United States, has successfully obtained the opportunity to ask Mr. Goodall questions. He is fortunate to be the first Chinese news media to ask questions at the news conference of the chairman of the NFL Alliance in the history of the Super Bowl and the only Asian media in this nfl jerseys china Super Bowl. The questions we raised on behalf of Chinese fans are closely related to the future plans of NFL in the Chinese market and the possible future Chinese tournaments.

NFL President Appreciates the Future Potential of China Market

Goodall: Major announcements may be made in the coming months

Tencent asked: “In recent years, the globalization of NFL has made tremendous progress. At the same time, the United Kingdom and Mexico have held overseas competitions. What is China’s position in the global expansion of NFL and what plans will the Alliance make to expand the Chinese market?”

Goodall’s answer is to affirm the priority of the Chinese market in the global NFL market: “Thank you for your question. China is the priority market for the development of NFL. We believe that rugby matches have great potential in China to further expand and expand the fan base.”

Goodall then spoke highly of the cooperation with Tencent Sports, a strategic partner. “As you mentioned, NFL jerseys wholesale has made great progress in China in the past. Especially in recent years, the expansion of NFL has a double-digit growth, Chinese fans can participate in more games, we are very excited about such achievements. Not only NFL International, but all partners of NFL enjoy and recognize these cooperation.

Next, Goodall told Chinese fans a piece of good news to look forward to directly. “In the past few weeks, we have discussed some great ideas, not only about the NFL regular season, but also hope to further develop the NFL through the media and partners. I believe these developments will be very rapid and optimistic. I hope we can announce some exciting news in the coming months.”

NFL and Tencent Sports, after the first season of cooperation and experience summary, in the past season, the cooperation between the two sides has been more in-depth, from the beginning of the regular season to the cruel playoff elimination match, to the Super Bowl jerseys china, the focus game, strong dialogue, there are Tencent Sports front-line reporters. Through Tencent’s platform, Chinese fans have a deeper understanding of NFL, and at the same time, the world has a better understanding of China. I believe that with the further deepening of the cooperation between NFL and Tencent sports, it will continue to bring more surprises to Chinese fans in the future.

Focus on NFL and Tencent Sports. The Super Bowl is on the horizon at 7:30 a.m. on February 4. Please look forward to it.