The salary of 11 NFL top quarterback is equal to the four NBA stars

The NBA opened in the free market, the Indianapolis Colts and just star quarterback Andrew, Lakshmi completed the renewal of the contract is 6 years, $140 million, $140 million, the total annual salary of $23 million 300 thousand, and $87 million in security, breaking the record in league history. That is to say, in today’s NFL, the first high annual salary is only $23 million 300 thousand, and this year’s NBA, even in recent years, Howard’s ability to decline has also been able to get this number. Perhaps there was a voice saying that he could have come to $25 million, but he chose to be a man of noble character. However, even if the distance is to reach 25 million, Conley or less of a large portion of wages.

In NFL, only consider the location of each top level players, quarterback salary is generally between 20 million to 23 million, and took over and offensive lineman is between 10 million to 15 million, the proximal front is ranged from 8 million to 10 million, while the offensive team the most worthless running back, more than 7 million have been the league’s top wages.

The sights came to the defensive team, too, with the highest level of players. Defensive forwards, guards and horns could pay between 10 million and 17 million, depending on the length and duration of the contract. For safety, more than 10 million is very rare.

That is to say, in NFL, only the top quarterback salary to a little and NBA star (not top stars) comparable to that of other position of the top player salary even as some NBA players or veteran role. The offseason in each NFL, to get the contract players on a free transfer window opens a week time, most belong to the middle level, namely, the important position of the veteran bench or secondary position rotation force, their salary is generally about 4 million to about 7 million. And in this year’s NBA free market open three days before the time, to get verbal commitment contract players, basically can get about 10 million annual salary.

No wonder in recent days, NFL players have collectively expressed their envy, jealousy, hatred on twitter:

DAngelo Williams: I have to know the names of those high paying players at Google nba nfl jerseys.”

Emanuel Saunders: “it looks like I picked the wrong kind of exercise.”.”

Justin Faure Seth: “since I saw the big contract, just to take the time to help my two sons to practice shooting, they were 1 and 3 years old.”

Look at the other two major leagues, MLB and NHL:

MLB because there is no salary cap, its wage can be described as “do not see, do not know, a look, a fright”, Stanton 13 years, 325 million, Rodrigues 10 years, 275 million, Cabrera, 8 years 248 million…… Big teams such as the New York Yankees and the Losangeles Dodgers, total wages easily exceeded $250 million, their annual salary of over ten million players over 10, and bear like so small team, but only about 40000000 of total wages……
NHL is relative to civilians in the four major leagues”. The Nashville predator star Sean Webb signed 110 million dollars in 14 years in 2012, earning the highest annual salary of $14 million for the last four seasons – $NHL. This year won the Pittsburgh penguins Stanley Cup star Crosby, 16 million 500 thousand of its total revenue to lead the league, but the team got from the penguins earned only $12 million, just a few days before Jeremy Lin signed a 3 year contract with the average salary.

Therefore, although NFL and NBA and MLB can not compare, but somehow still can exceed NHL jerseys. Of course, NBA star is not cheap. NBA regular games up to 82 games, the top teams want to win, the playoffs are usually not less than 20 games; in contrast, the NFL team in the regular season only 16 games, the playoffs are also at most 4 games. Therefore, if the players’ earnings per game are compared, the average income of the NFL players will be much higher than that of the NBA players.

In addition, the duration of the contract between the two alliances is also different. In 2011, NBA’s latest labor agreement stipulates that players can sign contracts for up to 5 years at a time, and in fact, since many players do not enjoy the Byrd clause, the actual maximum duration is only 4 years. And NFL does not have such provisions, in the past and even contracts for 10 years, but because of fierce competition, the long contract has disappeared in NFL, the contract in recent years, generally only 6 years. Therefore, from this point of view, NFL in the protection of the income of players, it is not entirely inferior to NBA.