Los Angeles Rams new home 20-17 narrowly wins Dallas Cowboys

The first week’s Sunday night game kicked off at Sofi stadium, the Rams’s new home to meet the challenge of cowboys.

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The Rams gets the ball first, and Jared Goff plays a large number of passes in a row, and then takes Robert woods from 20 yards and 31 yards respectively. Finally, Malcolm Brown completes the 1-yard dash, and the Rams 7-0 cowboy wins the game at home.

It’s the cowboys’ first attack. The cowboys’ attack group is suppressed by the Rams’ defense group. The quarterback dak Prescott is first captured by the Ramss defending end forward (Aaron Donald) and loses 7 yards. Then the third pass fails. The cowboy has to give up the kick and give the ball back to the Rams jersey. After the Rams got the ball back, he passed and ran to the first 11 yards of the cowboy’s end area, but the third shift failed, and the rookie kicker (Sam Sloman) failed in his 29 yard free kick attempt. The cowboys dodged a robbery and immediately leveled the score

After the Ramss got the ball back, the attack team was blocked again 17 yards ahead of the cowboys end area, and the third gear failed to change. Sloman, who missed his first free kick attempt in his career, took the lead again. In this wave of attack, cowboys lost a defensive general, and the Lineback (Leighton Vander ECH) suffered a clavicle injury. It is certain that they will not be unable to return to the game.

The cowboys, who fell behind again, also made mistakes in the end. Greg zuerlein, the goalie’s kicker, missed a 53 yard free kick. The Los Angeles Rams jerseys online used the cowboy to shoot a mistake and launched the attack in the half court

Cowboys responded immediately. Quarterback Prescott’s first 13 yard dash was blown through the referee’s video playback, but then Elliott, the running guard, made a 1-yard dash to get his second touchdown. Cowboys 14-13 Ramss, before half-time to surpass the score.

In the second half of the game, cowboys attack first, Elliott’s attack was successfully limited by the Rams defense group, cowboys’ attack ended with abandoning the kick. The Rams regained the lead with Brown’s 2-yard drive, 20-14 cowboys.

Although the cowboy offensive team abandoned the kick again, the defense group began to work. At the same time, Dallas cowboys jerseys once again lost a major general, this season the rate of reimbursement.

Finally, Rams in the new home to a surprise 20-17 victory over cheap cowboys jerseys, to get off to a good start.

The Rams side quarterback Gao Fu 31 passes 20, passes 275 yards, was intercepted once. Run back Brown 18 times, 79 yards, 2 times. The outfielder woods made six catches and pushed 105 yards.

Cowboy quarterback Prescott 39 to 25, passing 266 yards, a pass to the formation. The running guard Elliott pushed 96 yards for 22 times, reached the array once, pushed 31 yards for 3 times and reached the array once. The outside receiver (Amari Cooper) made 81 yards with 10 catches, and rookie lamb made 59 yards with five catches.