Bengals quarterback Burrow broke the team’s record of passing and advancing in a single game.

In this week’s game against ravens, Bengals quarterback Joe burrow jerseys completed a peak performance.

Burro pushed 525 yards in the game, breaking the previous team history record (490) maintained by Boomer esiason, and led the team to win the Baltimore crow 41-21.

This data ranks fourth in the history of the alliance, less than 30 yards from the first. Norm van brocklin set this record in 1951 (554).

With less than two minutes left in the game, Boro and running guard Joe mixon completed the 52 yard pass connection and successfully broke the record. He completed four touchdowns.

Bolo’s two right-hand assistants are outfielders tee Higgins and ja’marr chase. The former receives the ball 12 times, advances 194 yards jerseys china and reaches the array twice, and the latter receives the ball 7 times, advances 125 yards.