Denver Broncos team will be sold to the public

Broncos officially began public sale on Tuesday, us time, and the final price may hit a new high in North American sports history.

At present, the valuation of the Broncos team is close to $4 billion. The previous record was maintained by the Brooklyn basketball network, when Cai Chongxin spent a total of $2.35 billion. The last NFL team publicly sold was the Carolina Panthers, which David Tepper bought for $2.275 billion in 2018.

According to the alliance, the “major” owner must hold at least 30% of the equity, which means that the major shareholders will spend at least $1.2 billion.

General manager George Paton and new coach Nathaniel Hackett said that the change of ownership will not affect their decision to join Broncos. Both said that Broncos has shown that it has the resources to win the championship – Broncos has reached the Super Bowl eight times and won three times.

Hackett said on Friday: “it’s an incredible opportunity to coach Broncos… No matter who the ultimate owner is, I need to prove myself.

Washington announces new team name: Commander

On Wednesday, us time, Washington officially announced that the new team name was decided to be commanders, together with the new team logo and New Jersey.

Team president Jason Wright and head coach Ron Rivera have previously said that considering the connection with the capital, the team will strive to integrate the composition of the general team into the new name. Commander is one of the commonly used ranks.

The commander in Washington announced three new jerseys on Wednesday: pure white with dark red numbers and sleeves, plus black stripes with white and dark red edges; Dark red jersey with gold numbers and sleeves, plus white gold stripes. Pure black jersey with gold numbers, dark red stripes on both sides, and three dark red stars on a gold background.

Matching with the black shirt will be a black helmet with gold numbers on the side and gold “W” on the front. The other two sets of jerseys will match the dark red helmet, with a golden “W” on the side and a golden stripe in the middle.