Prospects for the new season

The first year of coach Shanahan’s occupation career, and 49 people facing the reconstruction, so it does not have great expectations, but this does not mean that there is no hope, young players experience will become the cornerstone of the future team return to the top, and for the reconstruction of the team, any mistake any embarrassing results are acceptable at the same time, the support of the fans is their return to the top the best power. The new season for the 49 person is not easy, in addition to the two war with the rams and the Southern District in the north of Chicago Jaguars and bears, it seems that any field for them is a tough fight, but I believe that Shanahan team will not easily give up, even lose gray still need to go.

Predict the new season’s record 5 wins and 11 losses

Rashard Robinson

In many of the players who left, Bullock Weitelameien angle may leave 49 people most want to see the last year, starting all 16 games, is a team of 49 people in the few can rely on players, but in April the domestic violence act, the team was a cut, but the Seahawks took him in this. In a same area, further widening the enemy strength. Young cornerback Rashard Robinson in the new season will be guarding the flank, which is a talented young man, has just joined the team veteran, expressed admiration for his DAHMER, and believes that Robinson will become the best cornerback division, said that Robinson can go beyond the same implication region of the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Scher Mann, the Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Pedersen, for a four round of last year’s show, this is a very high rating, which is a kind of expectation, hope that the new season Robinson can seize this opportunity well.

Eric Reed

The team was in the League to play cornerback, three season of temper let Jimmy Ward with the cheap nfl jerseys single strong single grapple ability, on the season return safety, let the team convinced Jimmy in this position, Ward will have more outstanding performance, the only worry is far from the leg the influence of Ward also did not participate in the training, so in some degree affect the new defensive coordinator Robert Saleh’s tactical exercises, as the season approaching, Ward’s return will directly affect the implementation of the entire defense plan. Eric Reed is still the second most reassuring that one ring, two first round show consisting of safetys combination, the entire alliance also called luxury.

Nawoluo – Bauman

But sad is the new signing Malcolm Smith came to the first season of 49 people on the season, so this year’s first round pick Reuben Fuchs on the first side to play weak guard position, his arrival will be complementary to the whole line is greatly improved, and further speed up the line rotary speed. The best candidate is still strong side position to the ten year veteran Ahmad – Brooks, while the middle position is given to the injury of Bauman – Harold, Brock, Eli Coyle and Ray – ray Armstrong will assume the responsibility of the bench.

Deforest Buckner

The whole group is the front line of defense last season but there is no lack of intense darkness without light like Deforest, Buckner such a few dazzling players. Only one of the league’s three players who played 900 games, while Buckner played 1007 full defense, Saleh, the new season defensive coordinator, made it clear that Buckner would reduce’s workload. Maybe there are four words of Buckner all problems will be smoothly done or easily solved only one of them, however, but this year the first round of the show will cooperate with Buckner, he is the Stanford University Salomon Thomas, a player can initiate to quarterback impact from any direction, people compared him to a young DeMarcus Weil, the next best pockets of impact. With 4-3 of the defensive system, so many talented youngsters, maybe 49 people’s spring is coming.

Secret Service

The new season, the team replaced the kicker, the veteran Phil Dawson went to the expiration of the contract to Arizona Cardinals jerseys nfl, the team signed last year to replace Josh in the giant Brown fireman Robbie Gould, stable play 100% hit rate is 49 on standard, of course Gould also has his big range 50 yards above drawbacks, the hit rate is difficult to protect.

Bradley – Perpignan

Punt the position is still being Bradley Perpignan occupied, not only handsome guy, also called first-class technical level. Return is from last year’s GREE Jia Shepard replaced Jeremy Cole, the new season the team left the renewal of the taskbar will more than one. As far as the whole secret service group was concerned, it was more stable and more offensive than last season.