Tom Brady: don’t rush to make a decision about your future

Tom Brady plans to play his 21st NFL season jerseys sales. But which team he will play for may be the most popular topic of the off-season this year.

With Brady set to become a free agent, the question is whether he will no longer play for the New England patriot.

On his radio show, Brady said he had no time to decide when to make a decision.

“It’s only a week since the end of the season. I’ll say I haven’t started to think about it. Now it’s really not something I care about, “Brady said. “What I care about now is to relax, let my body and mind relax, and spend time with the people who have supported me in the past six months.”

Brady will be a free agent on March 18. This is at least the third time since the Patriot was eliminated that he has reiterated his plan to continue playing.

“I love playing. I love playing for this team. I really don’t know what the future is like, I just want to come every day, “Tom Brady jersey said when asked about patriot boss Robert Kraft’s comments that he would like to stay or retire. “We are only a week away from the end of the season. There’s a lot of time to figure it out. I don’t think any players cheap jerseys china or teams are ready to make a commitment at this time, and I’m sure these things will flow to qucheng as the off-season progresses. ”

It’s almost impossible to imagine Brady wearing a Jersey other than patriot 12. But the final decision may not be in Brady’s hands.