Washington Redskins will have Case Keenum as the starting quarterback

Case Keenum jerseys once again became the first quarterback.

On Sunday, Red Coach Jay Gruden told reporters that the 31-year-old will start the regular season of 9.8 against the Hawks. From Gruden’s point of view, the starting position does not have to be changed every week, as long as Kinam guarantees a satisfactory output, he can remain in the team’s first line-up.

The decision was no longer unexpected after Kinam started all three preseason games for Redpi. (Dwayne Haskins), Red Pi’s first 15 show this year, will officially start his career as a substitute. Kinam outperformed the former Ohio State quarterback, though neither was really very good.

Red Pitt is the fifth team that Kinam has started, and he has started four teams in the last four years. Last year, he started all 16 regular season games for Mustang. He led the team jersey with a record of 6-10. Passing 3,890 yards was a career high. He reached 15 games and was intercepted 12 times. A year ago, he also led the Vikings to the League of Nations Championship.

During his career at the University of Houston, Kinam set an NCAA record of passing times, Washington Redskins jerseys passing codes and reaching passes, but eventually he lost the draft. Red skin won Kinam and a seven-round deal from Mustang in March this year.