Peterson officially signed the saints

Peterson officially signed the saints


Adrian – Peterson finally found 2017 nfl jerseys saints a home, after visiting the Seattle Seahawks and new England patriots, Peterson visited the New Orleans saints finally results, Peterson and the saints today signed a two-year contract, after March, Peterson finally found a job.

It is reported that Adrian Peterson and the New Orleans saints signed a 2 year contract worth $7 million in 2017, he will receive a $3 million 500 thousand salary guarantee, are $1 million and $2 million 500 thousand fund signing bonuses, bonuses if playing every game should be coupled with the two season, Adrian – Peterson the most likely to get $8 million 250 thousand in revenue, with $1 million 650 thousand in 2018 in Peterson’s contract with team bonuses, salary of $1 million 50 thousand and a $500 thousand bonus training. For the signing of the saints, the former NFL first run Wei said he was very happy.

“I am very happy to be a saint. I am really looking forward to this opportunity. The most important thing is that I have made this choice in a peaceful mood.”

Peterson also praised the attack group and Drew – a saint Bracey, now Peterson and Mark – Ingram stood behind Bracey to support the.

The draft is not a big event, rookie corner accused of rape

The former Ohio State University cornerback Conley not gallons into the normal NFL, but suffered a lot of old timers NFL happen, he was accused of raping a woman.

According to the Cleveland local police, informants is a unnamed woman, she sued Conley earlier this month in a hotel in Cleveland for its violence. But there is no Conley was arrested by the police, the local police in Cleveland have not been charged or according to the police investigation, the official spokesman said Cleveland police are making communications Conley’s decision.

But the lawyer Kevin Sbely Si said there was no point Conley’s name, he previously denounced on rape Conley remarks, he said these words are irresponsible and ridiculous.

But there is news that Conley just suffered a pimp, two male and female three witnesses said the incident that night Conley is very honest, they never told the woman said Conley live alone, and Conley also didn’t do what should not be done at the same time, three witnesses and two who had never met with so perhaps the sue Conley, Conley gallon woman just want to blackmail.

According to reports, the 23 year old woman told the police in Cleveland, she met in the hotel elevator 2017 nike nfl jerseys saints Conley, after a flirtation with the woman, Conley went to his room and then made some not to be divulged. But the woman has said that there are two people in the room now, they asked more exciting things, but she didn’t accept it, then in Conley with strong had to submit.

Such a situation is negative for Conley concerned before the draft, but last season’s super rookie Isere Elliot before the draft also suffered a similar situation, but in the end did not have too much influence.
The Steelers will return.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Marta Weiss Bryant will come back, the day before the player through the formalities of the return of the alliance, previously took over because NFL doping repeatedly violated the regulations, so Marta Weiss Bryant was banned because of the alliance throughout the 2016 season did not play at all.

Bryant can now participate in the Steelers offseason, but he must have a doctor to accompany the training together, at the same time he was also allowed to participate in the Steelers preseason game, but whether he will be able to participate in the regular season, also need to assess the alliance later.

Eight regular season awards and the date of publication (the following are Beijing time):

In April 21st, Calder Awards – best rookie award;

April 22nd – Norris – best defender award;

In April 23rd, the univation Award – best goalkeeper award;

In April 24th, lady Byng Award – Best sportsmanship award;

April 25th – the best of the best players and players;

April 27th – Jack Adams Award – Best Coach award;

May 2nd Hart prize – most valuable player;

May 3rd – the best player of the -NHL Award for the player of the Ted Linde award.