Waist flag football has gradually become one of the favorite sports of young people. The interviewees’ picture waist flag football has gradually become one of the favorite sports of young people.

Jiahengxuan, senior director of NFL China, said that the popularity of waist flag football is expected. He believes that the sport has the conditions to break out.

200000 people participate every week, and the waist flag football aims at the Los Angeles Olympic Games

With the spread of social media, the waist flag football game began to heat up gradually in the second half of last year. Since March this year, the number of people participating in this game has increased significantly.

Compared with the previous situation that many players were difficult to form a team, now waist flag football has changed into a situation that players often can’t get the quota. According to the person in charge of the club, as long as the activity is sent out in the community, the registration will be full in a very short time. Jiahengxuan introduced that the number of players participating in waist flag football in China has reached 200000 every week.

In addition, according to the statistics of NFL China at the beginning of the year, there are about 45 waist flag football communities and associations in China, and about 150 community and after-school training institutions. At present, waist flag football clubs or related training institutions are established every day, and the number of relevant communities or institutions may have increased exponentially.

In addition, in addition to the participants of waist flag football, sports equipment is also short board. It is understood that at present, the major sports brands have not launched football series products on the domestic official website. Players can only purchase through agent purchase or cross-border e-commerce channels. Moreover, a pair of professional football shoes worth twoorthree yuan abroad can be sold for thousands of yuan in China.

NFL China has communicated and planned with some brands and manufacturing enterprises, and many brands and enterprises have also begun to pay attention to and invest in the Chinese waist flag football market.

Waist flag football is expected to become an Olympic sport

Two years ago, the 2022 Birmingham World Games announced the addition of the waist flag football program. From July 7 to July 17 this year, the world’s highest level rugby teams with 8 waist flags for men and 8 waist flags for women will appear in the world games for the first time. “As a participating event in the 2022 World Games, waist flag football will officially become an international sport.” Troy Vincent, executive vice president of NFL in charge of game operation, said in an interview.

Previously, in an interview with the media, Jia hengxuan said: “the International American Football Federation is trying to promote the establishment of the waist flag football project for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games, and the NFL is fully supporting them. Although the Olympic add-on is a huge project, at present, everything is going well.”

It is not known whether waist flag Rugby can become an official event of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games. However, considering that popularity is one of the reference standards when the IOC selects new events, waist flag Rugby that wants to enter the Olympic Games must need more support to promote and popularize.