Bengals quarterback Burrow: the team now knows what it takes to win the super bowl

At this time last year, the Tigers with the lowest record in the north of the United States were trying to find a way to enter the playoffs. In the end, they were only one ball right away from the first bowl cutting in the history of the team.

At the press conference, Bengals quarterback Joe burrow jerseys said that the playoff experience made them more confident.

“Last year we knew we were good, but during the playoffs, I think we thought we could win, but we don’t know what we need to do.” “We just played hard, United and achieved results. Now we know what it takes to win and have the experience to move forward,” Boro said

Boro said he saw the Super Bowl jerseys china video again and regarded it as the same as other defeats in his career. Outsider ja’marr chase said: “now we are also regarded as one of the best in the league. We need to keep this position and continue our efforts.”