2018 NFL China’s Flag Football North District finals in Beijing hot war. After a three-month contest, the champion teams from Beijing, Jinan, Nanjing (subordinated to the North District) and Harbin finally competed fiercely in Beijing Dongdan Sports Center. Many foreign teams came to Beijing thousands of miles away, bringing a splendid peak duel.

Small trainees have great energy, spirit and spirit.

Through the halftime break, the more momentum of the Beijing Bali Dian Primary School Team in the second half showed the ability to watch the family, but the coaches and team members of Jinan Hawk Eye Dalian Lightning Team did not give up at all, they still clenched their teeth and held on until the last minute of the game. After fierce confrontation, the first team of Shilidian Primary School defeated Jinan Eagle Eye Blitzkrieg Team and won the Northern District Championship.

“I loved sports since I was little. Although I began to enjoy Rugby from March this year, I like it very much. I wasn’t very well when I was a child. Watching my peers play on the court made me thirsty for sports. Rugby gave me a sense of team honor and I learned to be strong. As the only girl in the team, although only 11 years old, Yang Yinuo from Jinan refused to let her brow down. As a quarterback of the team, her performance was very eye-catching.

Rugby is a very good sport, and there are more and more people yearning for it in China. This exercise can make children harvest a lot of things. From a professional point of view, children’s physical fitness is indeed much stronger than their peers, and because of the influence of rugby spirit, children’s personality will become stronger and more optimistic, which is beneficial for them to face the road of life in the future. Seeing the brilliant performance of the children on the field, the coach of Ji’nan eagle eye diamond team was still beaten.

The unique charm of lumbar flag football attracts adult players.

in addition to teenagers, there are still many college students who have positive feedback on the psychological dimension. In the afternoon open group finals and university group finals, the older children on the court also performed very well.

can not only exercise the body and sharpen the mind, but also the spiritual core of “everyone for me, I for everyone” is the most attractive part of the sport. Unity and cooperation, respect for opponents, trust in teammates and fearlessness are qualities that can be harvested through rugby, and it can also make fans of this sport a more courageous and powerful person in their lives. On the Chinese flag football field held by Tianhang Dafang, Chinese football fans have the opportunity to learn football skills and grow together.

As an influential Rugby education and Training Institute in China, jerseys Tianhang Dafang has successfully stimulated people’s enthusiasm for rugby participation through compact and wonderful game planning throughout the day. At 4:00 p.m., the award ceremony of the university group finals officially began, and the champion team won their honorary medals. In a burst of laughter, the 2018 NFL China Flag Football jerseys North final also gradually came to a close.

After today’s northern division, the two teams will represent the champions of the Northern Division in the next 28 days of the NFL China Waist Flag Rugby Final in Foshan. The event manager of Tianxing Tatsu said in an interview.

At the end of this month, the finals of all the competition zones will be over, and the winning teams of the four competition zones will gather in Foshan on December 8 and 9 for the final competition. He said, “In fact, rugby is a very good sport, with a very good culture and sports form jerseys. Seeing the enthusiastic devotion of so many Rugby fans today, I believe that it will develop into a popular sport in China in the future.

As the sponsor of NFL China Waist Banner League, Tianhang Dafang has the first regular football field in China. In the past three years, it has owned campus in 12 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan, with a total of 10,000 students. In the future, Tianhang Dafang will continue to adhere to the brand concept of “Let Sports Return to Education, Stimulate the Potential of Youth”, further strengthen the campus construction, create professional teaching, so that the shining point of Tianhang League will continue to develop, so that more Chinese teenagers can understand the true spirit of rugby, and strengthen their own team in it. Team consciousness and communication ability, and harvest the healthy growth of body and mind.