Of the 15 people on the final list, 7 are the first time to enter the final election, (Troy Polamalu jersey) and (Reggie Wayne) are the first year eligible, (Leroy Butler), (Torrey Holt), (SAM mills), (Zach Thomas) and (Bryant young) are the other five.

The final list was voted by the hall of fame Committee from 122 nominees.

Here’s a complete list of Jerseys candidates:

There are 14 new faces in this year’s best lineup, the most eye-catching one is the first time selected for a while, and may soon become the regular season MVP’s (Lamar Jackson), and the Panther double ability running guard (Christian McCaffrey).

McCaffrey had become the third running guard in history who had an average of over 1000 yards in a single season, which made him selected twice: running guard occupied one place, flexible position another. In the regular season, when he was the champion, derrick Henry got the same treatment as McAfee in the second round.

Michael Thomas, who broke the record for the number of catches in a single season, was one of the two players who passed by all votes, and the other was Stephon Gilmore.

Aaron Donald, Bobby Wagner and Richard Sherman are all in the best nfl team jerseys for the fifth time.

To celebrate the centenary of NFL, the hall of fame will elect 20 people. Five players will be included in the 15 member list, plus 10 senior members (retired for more than 25 years), 3 outstanding contributors (non players or coaches), and 2 coaches.

The final results will be announced the day before the Super Bowl liv, and the five selected players will be voted by the Committee. cheap china jerseys The selection of senior players, contributors and coaches will be studied and decided by a special 25 member “Blue Ribbon” committee.