On Sunday, us time, the giants officially retired the No. 92 jersey number of legendary defensive end forward Michael Strahan in the middle of the game against the eagles.

Strahan played for the giants for 15 years, was selected into the best team four times, and won the super bowl with the team in the last year. At present, Strahan is still the king of the giants (141.5) and holds the NFL single season record (22.5). “I never dared to think so,” Strahan said. “I’m very grateful to be standing here.”

Strahan has previously been selected into the giants Hall of fame and the Professional Football Hall of fame, with a successful career. “Standing here today doesn’t mean the journey is over, but the journey of this shirt is over. I want to thank (nfl jerseys fans) for their 15 years of company. Love you, giant fans,” Strahan said.

The giants took a 3-0 lead in the first half of today’s game and won 13-7.