Behind the new Samba film is the booming Chinese football

On April 20th, Beijing time, the movie “21 Carats” starring Dili Seybah and Guo Jingfei was released on a hot screen in the country’s major cinemas. As a small series of hot Pakistan brain residue powder early booked the premiere ticket. I wanted to hurry on the screen and witnessed me, and I was shocked at the beginning of the movie. Familiar football, familiar physical confrontation, familiar kick-off slogans make Xiao Bian excited…

The first picture of the movie begins with a football training game. Liu Jiayin, played by Diligoba, has just begun to be a materialistic gold worshipper. She never reads the bills and gets the pleasure of life from buying and buying. She invested in a rugby charity game with the money of her boyfriend Bei Ding (Dapeng), and she chose to break up after learning that her rich boyfriend had had a family. After a while, the two players, Wang Jiwei, who had a new height, and Liu Jiayin, a casual virgin virgin, joined the fire, and Jiayin gradually realized that he did not have a source of live music and met with Wang Jingwei played by Guo Jingfei. It is a science to insist on spending limited money to enjoy an infinite life. Since then, the two have lived a life of absurd laughter.

When it comes back to that rugby game, it is not only easy to play in the play, but after the change of his three views, she finds her two “good friends” to make money on the basis of a charity football game. Since then, good news has been working hard to undermine this plot. In the end, Wang Jiwei drew his firepower in a rugby game to help his good voice capture the conspiracy of the “girlfriends”. It is worth noting that most of the film’s shots were taken in Shanghai. Even the two football teams use the names of two Shanghai giants, the Shanghai Warriors and Shanghai Titans.

In fact, this is not the first time that football has appeared in the film and television dramas. Last year, Zhang Yishan wore professional football jerseys gear in the TV series “Keep It Alone,” and took a segment of a football game on the court. In the second quarter of the second season of the show, there was also a stage of football challenge. Bai Chenggang and Guan Xiaoyu participated in the show, and they really experienced a truly spectacular first-line movement in the United States. People insisted on trying 16 times and never give up on 16 occasions. The picture of 16 times marching forward is tearful. In Happy Base Camp, He Yong has repeatedly appeared in a rugby jersey.

In August last year, Ming Tencent and the NFL reached a three-year exclusive broadcast agreement, and in the 2017-18 season just in the past brought to the national audience including the NFL preseason, the regular season (Thursday night race, Sunday night race, week There are many exciting matches such as the one-night game and the key games Sunday afternoon, the playoffs, the All-Star game and the Super Bowl. In order to further enrich the contents of the NFL Tencent platform, the Tencent NFL will also broadcast the 2018 NBA Draft a week later.

Let’s take a look at the domestic league stadium. At present, China’s professional indoor rugby leagues attract star players like Marbury, plus the urban bowl, AFLC and other national amateur leagues, and the development of domestic football stadiums in the past two years. The speed is really good. This year’s city bowl connects the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, and the introduction of the Taiwan Hunters team has sparked heated discussions.

According to a sample survey by CCTV Sofuri on people aged 15-54 in 19 first- and second-tier cities across the country, the number of respondents who are interested in football jerseys increased from 1.6 million in 2010 to 19 million in 2015. The number of respondents increased ten-fold. . Rugby fans have become one of China’s fastest growing fan bases. The development of a sport that requires healthy development will depend on the development of young people. Rugby, as a sport that attaches great importance to teamwork, also develops talents among young people in China. It is very popular with parents. Nowadays, Rugby Children’s Schools, represented by Stonehenge Touchdowns and Tianda Touchdown, have sprouted in China and have taken root in China. Not only Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen are big cities, they also have professional children’s football in southwest and northeast cities. SCHOOL.

As more and more Chinese people love the rugby game, the NFL has paid more and more attention to Chinese fans. Last year, Chen Weiwei became the promotion ambassador for NFL China. This year, Wu Yifan also performed live in the pre-season Super Bowl Carnival. The first Chinese to sing in the Super Bowl. More and more movies and TV plays use football as the theme. It is not hard for us to see the future of football in the country. This internationalized and modern sport is booming in China.