Jimmy Smith will be allowed to return to the team after four crow breaks due to domestic violence.

Baltimore Ravens jerseys starter Jimmy Smith has been banned for four games and will miss the first month of the season. On Tuesday, the alliance decided to give Smith a penalty for violating the Union’s personal conduct. According to a statement issued by the Ravens, we were told: “The NFL found that Jimmy had threatened words and abuses against his ex-girlfriend, and there was ample evidence that Jimmy’s misconduct would punish him.”

Smith was punished by the mother of his first child, who was accused of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend. “I would like to sincerely apologize to my ex-girlfriend, NFL, Raven management, my coach, my teammates, my fiancee and the fans who supported me.” Smith said in a statement, “I am very sorry for the suspension caused by my personal behavior. I promise I have learned a lot and will continue to learn more from this mistake. I believe I will become better and become a better father. I’ve been trying to do my best, both on the pitch and off the court.

“I’m fully responsible for my past actions, and I’m going to assure the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens jerseys online that such mistakes never happen again. I will take all necessary steps to set a positive example for my sons, for the NFL and for the entire Crow team. Smith said.

The Ravens said they would welcome Smith back after the suspension and he could return to the team on October 1. “Through our conversation with Jimmy, we believe he is taking appropriate measures to make up for his mistakes. He can make changes. He assured us that he will go all out to make himself better. He is a wise man and knows what the consequences of not doing so are.

Since Ray Rice’s domestic violence scandal broke five years ago, Raven owner Steve Biciotti has said the team will not call up any players with a history of domestic violence. But this time, the Ravens were open, and they said, “After this period of observation of Smith, we allowed him to return to the team after the suspension. He has admitted his mistakes and took full responsibility. ”

As far as competition is concerned, Smith’s ban is absolutely a great blow to the Raven team. Smith has been in Baltimore since he was picked by the crow in the first round of the 2011 draft, completing 11 steals in his career. Smith ranked fourth in the league in defense last season, according to the PFF Rugby Data website. Without him in the past two seasons, the Ravens have simply changed teams, with defensive second-line statistics (opponents’passing success rate and interception rate, etc.) ranking in the bottom of the league. Smith, who was banned for four games last season for violating League doping rules and suffered a torn Achilles tendon, has played 86 games in 112 regular-season games and missed 26.

Originally, the League planned to ban six matches against Smith, which had been reduced to four after appealing. That means the Ravens will lose Smith early in the season against Buffalo Bill, the Cincinnati Tigers, the Denver Mustang and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It also means that the team’s No. 2 horn guard has to play against A. J. Green, Demarius Thomas and Antonio Brown.

For Smith’s suspension, the Ravens had to send Marlon Humphrey in the first round of 2017 to start alongside veteran Brandon Carl, who has been in the League for 10 years.