football lights the capital! NFL London bowl jerseys watching party.

On the evening of October 28, Beijing time, NFL China London Bowl Beijing spectator party was held at Tian’an gate of Poly International Studios. The NFL Major League football teamed up with Poly Pictures to upgrade the experience of fans watching the game and jointly explore a new model of sports and entertainment cooperation. One hundred of the most loyal football fans watch the most exciting and exciting football games in the high-quality cinema, enjoy the best food and participate in the most interesting raffle activities.

Xiao Shen, a famous football commentator, also attended the game with Beijing fans to watch the Philadelphia Eagles versus Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys.

At 8:30 in the evening, fans attending the viewing party came in one after another. Among the fans, some came with friends, some came in teams, and some couples wore jerseys to support the team.

Before the start of the competition, a series of awarding questions and answers were held to support the fans. The fans responded enthusiastically to the climax of the competition.

At 9:30 in the evening, the eyes of the fans gathered in the third London match this season. Fans from both sides cheer for their respective supporting teams. Whenever there are exciting scenes in the competition, the site will immediately open the lottery and send small gifts to the lucky fans.

In the end, defending champion Philadelphia Hawks won the Jaguars 24:18 in London for the fourth time this season in the third London game, and the exciting game ended the London Bowl Beijing spectator party.