How to enhance team cohesion? Texans Play Fancy Fines

If it weren’t for the Houston Texans, who are so precious, most fans would not know about him. However, the player has a unique position in the Texas team. When talking about his important role in the team, the linebacker took out a notebook. In the notebook, there is a chart with a score, which shows the number of times each interior guard violates the rules of the team and the corresponding amount of fines.

Dylan Cole, one of the Texans’unofficial “fine committees”, said that punishment for teammates was “not punishment”.

Yes, there is a penalty mechanism within the Texans; Cole is one of the few unofficial “penalty commissioners” on the team. Others include Brennan Scarlett, Brandon Dunn and Greg Mancz. The penalty rules vary slightly from position to position, but there is one thing in common between the line guard’s and offensive front’s rules: if a player does not mention the names of at least two teammates in an interview, he will be included in the penalty range.

In order to deal with such internal rules, players will play some skills in interviews to mention their teammates, including by yelling at each other to remind each other. The worst punished? “I’ll choose B-Mac.” Cole said, “This guy said the same thing every time, and then forgot about it; we don’t know what he said, but he always said the same thing, and he also forgot to mention us.”

“Don’t forget your teammates, that’s the most important thing. It’s a nfl team sport, not a personal sport. We’re not playing tennis here. Cole said.

When Nick Martin was asked about the fine, he looked around the dressing room. “I don’t think I can talk about that,” he said, and then he suggested that journalists talk to Mantz because “he’s responsible for checking and determining fines.” But Mantz also refused to be interviewed as a fine commissioner.

Scarlett, who is also a fine commissioner, said that outside guards are more likely to be fined than nfl inside guards, but outside guards do have an act in which someone is fined every time. “We have a strict rule: no informing!” Scarlett said, “If you inform, you will be fined. If you inform your brother, you will be fined.”

Defensive strikers don’t have to follow the “two teammates” penalty rules, but they’re not as good. They have a long list of rules, so coach Anthony Weaver needs to put it in EXCEL. Players who are late for meetings are fined $250; rookies who are rude to veterans are fined $50; and so far, the highest penalty is $500 because a player farts in a conference room… According to D.J. Reader, this happened only once, and the player was no longer on the team; of course, it was not because of that that that he left the team.

What if a player objected to the fine? Yes, veterans of the team raise their hands to vote; if the vote fails, I’m sorry, the fine is double!

These fines are usually used for dinner and snacks, but the team’s tough start has forced them to put a stop to their meal plan. “Now it looks like dinner may be gone,” Dunn said. “It could be a group trip.”

But such a fine is not really a punishment, says Johnathan Joseph. It’s more like a group building or entertainment management. nfl “It’s not even a punishment. It’s interesting. At the end of the day, we’ll pay a fine for snacks and so on. Everyone’s involved.” Cole said.