The first round has been opened for Julio Jones

On Thursday, according to ESPN, Falcons has received several requests for Julio Jones, including the first round signing.

Falcons also had talks with the Tennessee Titans jerseys, but according to reports, the chances of Titans real success are still slim.

The Tennessee Titans have publicly expressed their interest in Jones on social media after rumors of the deal. Brown even made a video to explain why Tennessee Titans and Jones would be made in heaven.

Jones made a request to trade himself at the start of the off-season, but Falcons chose to have a secret conversation and only recently did it really come out. At present, Falcons does not want to trade Jones to other league of nations teams, but if the price is right, it will also be considered.

Jones has played for Falcons for 10 years since his career. He has been selected into the professional bowl seven times and the best team twice. Due to injury, Julio Jones jersey played only nine games last season, receiving the ball 51 times, advancing 771 yards and reaching the array 3 times.

The patriots have an internal discussion on the Julio Jones deal

The patriots are also among the teams that are trying to get the professional bowl outsider. The patriots jersey have had internal discussions about Jones’ deal.

In the next two weeks, with or without online Atlanta falcons jerseys, a lot of teams will be looking for deals.