How hot is the London bowl? Even the England national team must make way for it.

At 9:30 p.m. Beijing time on October 28, the third NFL overseas game of the 2018 season will be played at Wembley Stadium in London. In Trafalgar Square, London’s political and cultural center, the British people welcomed Queen Elizabeth to the throne in the rain 66 years ago. Now, citizens are also celebrating the upcoming London game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars, which will be broadcast live at home in prime time this season. Domestic audiences can not only watch Tencent Sports live, but also group with fans in Shanghai, Beijing and other places. Woven NFL carnival.

In the past decade or so, the NFL, the favorite sports league of Americans, has grown in global influence. As early as 1976, NFL landed in Tokyo, then went to Berlin, Dublin and Sydney and other cities. In 2007, NFL first promoted the regular season to London outside the United States. London has also become one of NFL’s most important overseas cities. Chinese fans are no strangers to Wembley, a stadium for England, where the 1966 World Cup finals saw England defeat the Federal Republic of Germany and take over the Remitter Gold Cup from Elizabeth II, and where the Chinese nfl jerseys badminton team led by Lindane dominated the 2012 London Olympics. There are 5 gold medals in Olympic badminton.

NFL is one of the best commercially run sports leagues in the world, and almost everyone in the United States is crazy about it. Holding one or two regular season games a year is no longer enough to satisfy the enthusiasm of English fans, who are still on the verge of the NFL increasing the number of games to three in 2014. Last season, the NFL announced a four-game increase in London to further test the enthusiasm of the British public to meet the needs of overseas audiences.

NFL is very popular in London.

Rugby can flourish in Britain, though the number of viewers in the United States may be falling because of jet lag. The number of people watching the NFL Night has more than doubled since the first London game in 2007, and the number of people watching the Super Bowl jerseys has increased by 75%. This year, NFL is expected to set a record number of viewers in the UK.

If you want to ask NFL how hot it is in Britain, let’s look at a set of numbers. Back to three years ago, the New York Jet beat the Miami Dolphins 27-14 in its first London Bowl game on October 4, 2015, attracting a total of 83,980 fanatical British fans – an amazing number even in London, an international metropolis. The same weekend in London, England played a life-and-death game against Australia in the rugby World Cup of 2015, losing the game and losing it, with an attractive number of 81,010 players. A week later, at the same stadium in New Wembley, England beat Estonia 2-0 in the Euro 2016 qualifiers, but fewer than 70,000 fans were present. Since the NFL landed in London in 2007, Wembley, with a maximum capacity of 86,000 people, has never been less than 80,000, and tickets have been snapped up within minutes of being sold on the Internet.

No matter where NFL finally held in London, it is clear that the British are more and more interested in football games. Statistics show that last season’s NFL ratings increased 46% compared with the 2016 season, and the number of social media activists increased 32% compared with 2016. The NFL will host three games at Wembley in 2018, the fifth consecutive year in which it will host three or more games in the UK. Meanwhile, the league has offered 50,000 season tickets in Britain this year, up 50% from two years ago.


NFL squeezing England football jerseys

American football drives England football crazy. But the fact is that the FA is considering the future of having the NFL team play at Wembley, so England’s national team will have to play at other stadiums. In addition, the league has reached a 10-year partnership agreement with the Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur. From 2018, Spurs’new White Hart Lane stadium will host at least two NFL regular season games a year. For this reason, the new stadium is specially designed for the upper and lower levels of the stadium, which is used for football, while the upper and lower levels of the stadium will change. Form an artificial turf. It can be said that the initial construction of the stadium appeals, including can also take into account the football and football games. However, in August, Spurs confirmed that their new stadium in North London could not be delivered on time in October, so the Seattle Seahawks, originally scheduled to face the Oakland Raiders on October 14, could only be moved to Wembley for court reasons.

London bowl is not only the gospel of the British, but also the welfare of Chinese fans. For overtime workers or daytime student parties, it’s a luxury to be able to watch a synchronized live NFL regular season in prime time on weekend nights. As football fans, how can they not prepare snack drinks, call friends and celebrate the rare football party?