Messi officially joined “Greater Paris” and will wear No. 30 # jersey

Messi’s jersey sold out in a few seconds, and social media in Greater Paris rose 3.5 million a day

Paris Saint Germain Club finally officially announced the arrival of Argentine striker Lionel Messi on the evening of the 10th. The two sides signed for two years and included the option of renewal for the third year. Messi will wear No. 30 jersey to play on behalf of “Greater Paris”.

Sales information of women’s Messi player’s Jersey on the official website of Greater Paris.

Beijing News – on August 10 local time, Messi officially joined Paris Saint Germain. According to foreign media reports, the annual salary of Argentine superstar in Greater Paris will reach 35 million euros. However, because he is free, Messi has no transfer fee this time.

Soon, Paris Saint Germain tasted the sweetness of Messi’s joining. They put Messi’s No. 30 jersey on the official website for only a few seconds. The official website showed that they could not place an order for the time being, and all the men’s jerseys were sold out. At present, on the official website of Paris Saint Germain, Leo Messi’s No. 30 jersey only has women’s version and children’s version. Messi’s printed jersey is divided into fan version and player version. The women’s fan version costs 107.99 euros and the children’s fan version also costs 87.99 euros. The player version is more expensive. The women’s player version costs 157.99 euros and the children’s player version costs 137.99 euros.

Although great Paris has paid a high salary for Messi, they can get back a lot after a season just by selling jerseys. According to foreign media reports, the total sales of Barcelona Leo Messi’s jerseys last season was nine times that of all other players of the team. It is also understood that Messi’s jersey price in Barcelona’s last season also rose, doubling the market price.

In addition to this direct economic benefit, such as fan base, market value, sales of TV broadcasting rights, etc., will rise sharply due to Messi’s arrival. Data show that the number of fans of official social media in Greater Paris has increased by 3.5 million in the past 24 hours.