Cam Newton becomes New England patriots starting quarterback in the new season

The New England Patriots jerseys didn’t wait until the first game of the season to decide on a starting quarterback.

According to people familiar with the matter, the Patriots appointed cam Newton jersey as the starting quarterback at the team meeting. Newton was also elected captain of the meeting.

But in an interview on Friday, team manager bill belichek denied the report. “I didn’t make a decision – we didn’t identify a starter in any position,” he said

Newton signed a contract with patriot in the off-season this year, which included a large amount of bonus, with a basic salary of 1.05 million and a guaranteed income of only $550000. It seems natural that he got the starting position.

But as a latecomer, Newton needed time to adapt to the Patriot attack system. So bellicek didn’t immediately see him as a starting quarterback. But as the training camp progressed, Jarrett stidham suffered from hip injuries, and Newton gradually got more training opportunities, which showed that bellicek wanted to train him to be a starter.

NFL reporter Mike Giardi, who watched the Patriot training, revealed that Newton’s performance in training was not excellent. He sometimes passed the ball out of line and made mistakes. But obviously he’s the best quarterback in the team. And during the training camp, bellichek has been generous praise of Newton. In the past 10 days, bellichek twice publicly praised Newton’s ability to learn offensive tactics and work attitude.

With Newton officially confirmed as the starting quarterback, the Patriots can now focus on building his offensive nike nfl jerseys system around his unique abilities. If Newton can stay healthy, he should be able to help the Patriots fight for the 12th consecutive year of the League East championship.