Vikings vs Saints

The reason why many people think that “the whole strength of saints is stronger than that of Vikings” is that camara, Thomas and Jared cook are all good at their own affairs after the start of the game. Two top secret service players, tesom hill and dionte Harris, have also grown up in the attack group. Especially, hill, as a quarterback and catcher, has greatly enriched the attack mode of saints. Saints are in the attack routine and execution, In particular, the personal talent is much better than that of the Vikings, which is why the saints can get advantages early, and the fourth section can easily recover the disadvantages, but the Vikings can compete with the saints naturally has its advantages.

The leader of the Viking defense team defends the area for a long time, and the lineman and the security guard rush to the two wings to make up the defense, and stop the loss of yards with quick make-up and catch. Although the effect is common, the Viking let the saints jerseys wholesale online return empty handed and take the opportunity to reverse the game. Anthony Harris, the security guard who was not favored by the professional bowl and the best lineup due to his lack of fame, also intercepted bris. In the fourth quarter, Hunter’s capture and kill almost helped the Vikings to lock in the victory nfl jerseys china.

At the same time, the Viking offensive team is carrying out one thing: execution. If it’s about talent: running guard Darwin cook and two main near end forwards are second round shows, quarterback koshins three round shows, two takeovers diggs five round shows, Adam Sheeran draft. In the league that values talent, the Vikings use a bunch of non first round players to build this team. How can they make the playoffs without execution?

In the attack of passing, koshins not only pursues stability, but also uses five long passes in the whole court. If he can see the chance, he will let the saints defend the backcourt. At the beginning, the Viking star catcher, theon, receives a long pass from the back of his head in extra time, laying the foundation for victory. But the old near end striker Rudolph, after receiving the winning array, is stunned for a second to finish the celebration, as if he wants to Since two years ago, Rudolph received a touchdown in the opening five minutes of the final of the League of nations, which was finally reversed by the eagles, and this winning goal made him no longer have to worry about, the Vikings reappeared the “miracle of Minneapolis” in New Orleans!

Brady, the playoff King we sent off yesterday, and now bris, the king of data. The previous year’s Vikings and last year’s poor convictions have come together. A series of convictions against saints have hurt every believer in saints again. They have left the playoffs saints for three consecutive years. Sean Payton, 57, and 41 How much more will bris have to fight for the super bowl again?

Seahawks vs Eagles : seize the advantage of receiving end and enlarge infinitely

The knee injury of the year before last year and the back injury of last year, Carson Wirtz didn’t finish his playoff debut until today. But after the first quarter injury, the Hawks stand out from the bench is not Nick Fowles, but veteran Josh McCann in the early 40s. The Hawks can only rely on the road and short pass to attack. The young running guards sanders and Boston Scott are very active, but they haven’t been effective for a long time. Mike Cohen didn’t have much enterprising spirit after he went on the court. There were only two long passes of more than 20 yards in 24 balls, and only six of more than 10 yards in 24 balls. After catching the ball through short passes, he was naturally recognized by the Seahawks linemen. All the eagles fans knew that this game was doomed.

Just yesterday, bill also limited the Texan’s road offensive, but he couldn’t stand Watson’s second half cross run and take away the game. The Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys NFL also forced Wilson to decide the victory, and Wilson took away the victory. When your team has a quarterback who can run out of pocket, can pass for a long time, and can support the attack, you can do whatever you want.

In the past few years, when people are looking forward to and worrying about the coming of new era and the change of old order, the old men in the early 40s have been conquering the young quarterbacks by virtue of their superb skills, while the three quarterbacks in the late 40s, Brady, bris and McCann, have been eliminated in the battle of waika one after another. Murakami said: “I think people are getting older slowly, but in fact, they are not. People are in a flash It’s getting old. “