A: NFL Alliance announced draft to rookie list

Beijing time, 27 -29 day this month, the 2018 NFL show will be held at the home of the Dallas cowboy team at Arlington, Texas, USA, the AT&T stadium. This year’s show will be on the scene with a number of talented quarterback players, a defensive line guard that is about to create history, and the most powerful rookie guard of the year.

On Thursday afternoon, the NFL alliance jerseys released 22 new rookies invited to participate in this year’s draft. In the quarterback, Sam dnold of the University of Southern California Troy, Josh Rosen of the brown bear team from University of California at Los Angeles, Josh Alan of the University of Wyoming cowboy team, and the 2016 Hai isman prize winner (American University Rugby League’s most outstanding player award) – the Louisville University Cardinals Martha Jackson scene will appear at the end of this draft.

It is reported that these invited players will arrive in Arlington early in the draft, and participate in a series of pre selection activities. On Thursday night of the week, these players will be present at the draft convention, waiting for decisions that will affect their future career. Other popular show shows include: the Pennsylvania lion of Pennsylvania State University of Nanni Barkley, Bradley – Charles at North Carolina State University wolves defense end, University of Alabama red tide defense Hou Weiming card Fitzpatrick, and Florida State University semenolal. All the Devon James, Louisiana State University tiger team running defender Gus and University of Washington Eskimo Dog defense frontist Vita Vye. At the same time, it is likely to become the first of the modern Rugby history, the first single player to join the NFL alliance, from the defense line of the University of Central Florida, defender Squam Griffin, who will be present at this year’s draft convention.

Last year, the NFL alliance jerseys also invited 22 rookies to participate in the draft conference, of which six players were selected in the ten rank of the first round.