The turn of the body? The alliance’s laughingstock has become a new leading role in NFL’s best documentary

The big sports documentary “tough guy training camp”, which is popular among fans, has finally got new news. No matter how unbearable the past is and how bright the future is, now Cleveland Brown will usher in their new challenge. According to the latest news, HBO and NFL film company announced on Thursday that Brown, Cleveland, will take a series of documentary films, “hard man training camp”, produced by HBO sports, to become the eleventh leading team of the series. The news made NFL fans explode.

“NFL film jerseys company has been working to get fans to get closer to the game, and each of their series is doing very well, including HBO’s hard Han training camp,” said Mr. and Mrs. Brown, the boss and Haslem. “We have been asked many times about the shooting of hard Han training camp, but we have been asked many times. I really think it’s our turn this year. The timing is just right. We hope to be a good partner in the league, and we also understand that the hard man training camp gives the fans a special opportunity to know our team and our players.

The hard rock training camp series has been launched since 2001, and has been completed in the 12 quarter (4 stops in the middle). Cleveland Brown was lucky to be the leading player in the thirteenth season. It is understood that this is not the first time Brown has been invited to shoot, they refused the previous invitation. But at this year’s show, Brown picked up Beck Mayfield from the University of Oklahoma’s heroine laureate at the University of Oklahoma, which made them rekindled a positive optimism and gave the Brown the opportunity to make Brown a leading role in the quarter. Although Brown has won only one game in the last two seasons, they think it is a new experience that can give their young players more attention and have a positive impact on their reconstruction.

Team coach Hugh Jackson also said in a statement, “I have always been part of the hard man training camp. When you experience it personally, you can experience the inner feelings it brings to the fans. We are excited about what is being built inside the team and we are satisfied with the progress we made during the off-season. It is a great thing for us to be able to get our fans to come in and let them know our players and teams in different ways. I hope they can see what our players and coaches really care about, how hard they work and how much they want to win for Cleveland. This is a good opportunity for our team. ”

A production crew of 30 people will start their more than 2000 hour recording. The noticeable new film will also be shown in August 7th this year. In the new nfl jerseys sales quarter, “hard man training camp” has no lack of exciting highlights. In addition to seeing the hard work of Brown’s players, he can see the team’s rebound from the bottom of the 0-16 defeat season. Hugh Jackson, who has been the chief coach for three years, has just been appointed as general manager John Doll. West plot strategy and attack coordinator Todd Hailey and defense coordinator Greg Williams’s personality collision and many other good plot. In addition, the HBO sports camera will definitely focus the new film on Mayfield. The boy, who was carefully selected by Haslem and his wife from many potential quarterback, must have his own excellence. The potential Gang, who has just stepped on the road to the NFL Major League, is expected to work in the new season with the four – point defense of Thai Rhodes Taylor in the new season. But the competitive relationship between them is inevitable. Brown’s quarterback quarterback is one of the biggest hits in the new movie. Hot blood training, burn brain analysis, fierce competition… A lot of good plays will make this documentary one of the best programs to win fans’ attention.