The season was Hugh Brady riding a bicycle also love playing with fire to scare fans

Enter a long offseason, the players are in a different way to vacation, while at this time, the new England Patriots quarterback, the old man lent Tom Brady began his performance. The free market fiery, but it didn’t bother Brady masaoki. The day before, Brady posted a video on a personal social platform, which results in the Patriot fans caused a great disturbance.

The video at first glance thought it was ready to try the BMX tricks Brady challenge those air 360 degrees rotation and single round down the stairs and so on highly dangerous action scared out in a cold sweat fans. But in fact, Brady is symbolic of the riding a bicycle to go two times to raise money through the endorsement of BMX Challenge the way. This is a charity TAG Heuer Watch Company launched, is through the public figure’s appeal, raise money for charity dedicated to the study of rare cancers, and Brady as tag heuer ambassador, attended this charity event of duty.

Since 2007, TAG Heuer will host an annual charity challenge similar activities, and has sponsored cycling, over the past three years they have been through this way to raise $115 million to the charity fund. Participate in the activities of the ambassador this year in addition to the well-known actor Patrick Brady and Deng Puxi, the U.S. national soccer team nfl jerseys goalkeeper Tim Howard, occupation Racer Alexander Rossi and American graffiti artist Alec Monod comple.

“Cancer is everywhere now, affecting or threatening everyone of us. In such a big environment, I hope that every one of us can contribute our strength to join this sport and fight side by side with us.” Brady said.

Although it is a false alarm, but the fans still have a message in Instagram, hope the old man lent me leave a way out for their own occupation career.

“Stay away from the stairs if you want to keep your butt!”

“Why do you always love to play with fire!”

“God, frighten the baby!”

“I thought the man who was riding on the fire was you, and I knew Jesus wouldn’t have scare me like that…”

“Brother Dei! Be careful! If I watch this video for my children, they can jump, they are patriot fans.

“Tom, when are you going to be so hard to save!”

The last offseason, Tom Brady special love to play some exciting and dangerous extreme sports, such as jungle jumping or alpine skiing. In 2015 just over forty-ninth harvest patriots Seahawks Super Bowl champion, Brady decided to challenge the Costa Rica Canyon bungee jumping, was 40 yards from the Brady high cliff jump, attracted and screaming. Then Brady said on his twitter, “it’s not going to do it again.” The end of Costa Rica’s high cliff diving, Brady and fought in Bahamian archipelago, and legend Michael Jordan play street basketball, are going down throughout the body to fight.

The 2017 offseason, just to lead the team in the fifty-first super bowl to harvest an epic reversal of Brady,nfl jerseys cheap does not seem to want to let their fans so safely spend the offseason. This time he was in Instagram released a video challenge free mountain skiing, then in recent lent Brady changing all kinds of crazy skiing posture, and playing a flying jump, from the side of the snow Taiwan on the fly to the other side, and finally the old man also fell.

Some dangerous actions over fans seem very terrible (that minors do not imitate), has entered the age of 40 for more extreme sports has been quite so brady. Although Brady after the personnel said these small projects or spread, playing a lap down nothing happens, but you can choose some ages after exercise? After all, China’s fast acting Kyushin Pills has been robbed by Liverpool fans!